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Landscape Products in Lexington, Kentucky

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Blend - Soil Conditioners in Lexington, KY


A dark soil mixture (approx. 50/50) of Kentucky topsoil and compost. A nice organic soil Blend™ for flowerbeds, gardens, and seeding.
Topsoil - Soil Conditioners in Lexington, KY


Kentucky's natural soil. Light to medium brown "dirt" with some clay content. Soil that will compact for redirection of water flow, finish grade, or fill. Use for back-filling around foundations, correcting grades, and for seeding in erosion problem areas.
Mulch - Soil Conditioners in Lexington, KY


Our mulch is a fine shred, organic, and aged through a composting process to a dark brown color.
Leaf Compost - Soil Conditioners in Lexington, KY


A beautiful black organic soil amendment comprised of shredded and aged leaves. Add to your existing soil to loosen and enrich. Great for vegetable gardens and landscape beds!